2024/01/20 - New training dates have been added, see Course Training Dates for more information. We are also recruiting SIA licenced security staff for upcoming events. send us your CV for further information.


We are committed to investing in innovation and our personnel, which means we can offer up to date security services to the international arena.

Our senior management staff are experts within their given sector who strive for excellence; always attuned to the current situation and ready for the next challenge.

Our vision

To become a preferred choice for security and facilities management services, by sustainable and technology-driven people.


To deliver excellence in security and facilities management services, whilst focusing on sustainable practice and being led by innovative technology. By doing this, we satisfy the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers and service partners. Supervising-remote-panel-tv-camera-online-protectionAdobeStock_307344310


Our corporate values form the core of everything we do. It shapes our behaviour towards clients and with the communities we serve. These values define our organisation.

We believe in a transparent policy, an honest and candid way of doing business. This involves open communication, best practices, and accountability. As an organisation, we approach all our clients with the greatest respect and integrity. We honour our commitments, building relationships with clients and service partners, ensuring our integrity and high level of professionalism, is always kept intact.

As we are placed in a position of trust, our clients and service partners can be assured that we maintain loyalty and have their best interests at heart.


Guardian International security Group ltd, trains and supports our personnel and our clients, which enable them to operate independently and multilaterally in security challenged and high threat environments, Thus substantially reducing risk to personnel, assets and operations.

We continually assess our security protocols and programs and are committed to continual enhancement of our performance to always exceed our client’s expectations.

Through close collaboration with our clientele, we create customer satisfaction focused on integrity, safety and expertise with every interaction. Government, corporate or private sector security, Guardian international Security Group has the experience, manpower and resources to meet these challenges. Our Director takes a hands on approach with every client to build that relationship along with a dedicated senior manager, which provides you with a 24/7 contact.

We demonstrate our commitment to the client’s unique needs and core values and at all times work to facilitate the clients requirements whilst continually mitigating risks.

Today’s security has an increasingly global dimension, that brings with it new risks and complexities that need to be understood and resolved. We have the capabilities to meet those demands. We work towards being innovative, as this helps transform new ideas into reality. A solution exists for every challenge, and we seek
positive outcomes at every opportunity. We go the extra mile to find answers and deliver our services in effective ways.


We support our clients by providing strategic consultancy, expert analysis and in-depth investigations, handling sensitive issues and providing practical on the ground protection and support. Our unique combination of services, geographical reach and the trust our clients place in us, ensures we can assist them to effectively resolve their security issues.

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