Residential and Commercial Security

Residential Security Teams (RST)

Our Residential Security Teams are made up of former members of the armed forces, all highly experienced in asset protection. We provide solutions that can also combine our K9 units to enhance the level of security provided.

The presence of a residential security team can be required to put your mind at rest. Prior to any deployment of residential security, a Security Audit and Risk Assessment will be carried out, to identify vulnerabilities and required manpower or technical recommendations required.

However, should a rapid deployment be required, a primary review and risk assessment would be carried out; this would then be completed by a full in-depth report.

Residential Security Officers

Our residential security officers are not your basic security guards. All previously received military or police training and are licenced close protection officers. They provide the highest level of professionalism, discretion and attention to detail, offering a non-intrusive security service.

K9 Units

Security Guard with Dog AdobeStock_54818237Our K9 security services provide an excellent option in the right environment.

The utilisation of dogs (K9) and their handlers, can often be an effective way to enhance security operations. All our handlers and security dogs comply with the Dogs Act of 1975
and subsequent regulations and have a wealth of experience. The K9 and Handler supplied will be in accordance with the specific security needs required.

We provide the following role specific dogs and handlers:

- Patrol Dogs 

- Person and Vehicle Search

- Explosive Detection

- Advanced IED (Mine Detection)

- Narcotics detection