Specialist Security Services

Close Protection

AdobeStock_183488255-Guard-with-TeslaClose protection services are designed to ensure the safety of people, assets and businesses that may be exposed to risk due to their employment, status, wealth, association or the locations they are visiting based on known or perceived threats.

We provide the reassurance that enables clients to carry out their business and daily lives with confidence and reduced risk.

We provide a full detailed analysis of the client , property, risk and threat , to enable the correct security procedures and protocols are in place.

Close Protection

High Risk/Hostile regions

Travel escort

Extraction/recovery teams

Executive protection services include:

Protection of Clients by individuals or team personnel

Male & female Operatives available  Lear Jet Guard

Security advice, liaison and coordination

Travel management /Vehicle escort

Escort of high value goods

Stalker case management & protection

Asset protection

Armed protection Officers

Advance venue and site surveys

Residential Security teams

Film set security

Risk and threat assessments

Surveillance & counter surveillance

Physical protection

Hostile / Hazardous environment security teams

Private Aircraft & Helicopter service

Discreet or high profile levels of protection


We have a proven capability in close protection in all areas of risk and threat. Our consultants, coordinators and advisors, accompany high net worth clients, senior executives, families, private individuals, NGOs and news crews at home and when travelling overseas. Surveillance

Local knowledge, along with constant threat updates and command support, means the protective services we recommend are commensurate with the threat posed, direct or indirect.


This service is a necessary solution for those intending on visiting or considering to set up a base of operations in remote or hazardous regions of the world.  Middle-East-Conflict-Map

We can provide critical information with “eyes on the ground” of the complexities and hazards in the location by assessing where needed some of the following:

Threat & risk analysis · Health & Safety · Identification of suitable premises · Identification of local leaders · cultural diversity · local and regional laws · Known criminal/terrorist organisations · Liaison with local law enforcement · Security protocols & requirements to include emergency evacuation plans.

This service is conducted by former military personnel from reconnaissance units and the intelligence communities.

On completion of the service, clients will receive a complete written report outlining the findings along with video and photographic evidence and recommendations to ensure your safety.

This service is an asset to NGOs, Aid workers, Religious groups, corporate entities and the film production industry.Movie Makers in the desert

Vulnerability testing

Our Red Team personnel are highly experienced in this area. They are a mixture of specialist military and civilian operatives who have extensive knowledge of penetration and vulnerability testing

Red teams assess organization security, often unbeknownst to client staff. This provides a more realistic picture of the security readiness over standard exercises, role playing, or announced assessments provide.

The Red Team may trigger active controls and countermeasures within a given operational environment.

This service is particularly effective in the assessment of Close protection & residential security teams. This is not to criticize security elements, but to seek out weaknesses and liabilities due to human error or other factors and demonstrate these weaknesses

Our aim is then to provide and in-depth evaluation and advise on possible measures or contingencies to improve the identified vulnerabilities.